“For stubborn dust use a Sensor Swab wet with Dust Aid Ultra Clean solution. Again, follow the manufacturer’s procedures exactly. Long-time readers will note that I’ve switched solutions to Dust Aid’s. That’s because it can be used on both ITO and non-ITO filters, and it tends to leave less streaking.”

Thom Hogan

“Dust-Aid removes dust exactly as it advertises. I recommend this product to anyone with a steady hand and without an anti-dust mechanism already built into their camera. It was extremely easy to use, effectively removed dust and the entire system fits into its own cool container.”

Ryan Klos, Calumet Photographic



“I work for National Geographic Magazine in the Photographic Department. Today I used Dust-Aid on my own Canon 20D which has a lot of dust. It took me only a couple of minutes to do a cleaning. All the dust is gone and I am very happy with the result. I can recommend this product to all of our photographers in the field with confidence.”

Kenji Yamaguchi

“The product worked WONDERFULLY!!!! I could SEE a difference after using it. 10 stars up to you and your crew/team/company!”

Tracy Shaw

“All I can say is Wow!!! Just Wow!!! The first cleaning ended up with my sensor being cleaner than it ever has been before.”

David A. Lewis

“I tried Dust-Aid and was very pleased with how well it cleaned the camera sensor. I was a little nervous at first but it was easy and now my dust-free images look great.”

Carmel France – Staff Photographer

“Wow! This is one of those products that you slap yourself up-side the head and say, “Why didn’t someone think of this sooner!” It’s so easy, nearly foolproof, effective, and affordable – the hallmark of a great product. I’ve tried just about every other piece of sensor cleaning paraphernalia available and all either take too much time, are not totally effective, or risk leaving a mess. I especially like that it can be packed in carry-on luggage without a security problem. I’m going to recommend this product whole-heartedly to all my workshop attendees.”

Kevin Kubota


“The one thing I disliked about other sensor cleaning products was that each one I tried was not travel or field friendly. Some require canned air, others required a liquid solution. And others that required neither air nor liquid simply did not do the job. Not only can I take Dust-Aid on a plane in my carry-on luggage, I can take it on extended back-pack trips and always have the ability to clean my sensor no matter where I am. And the best part of the product is that it cleans the sensor so well! It is particularly good at pulling off those extra sticky particles of dust that other cleaners always seem to miss. I can now have a clean sensor no matter where my travels take me.”

Darwin Wiggett



Dan’s Test – Before
Dan’s Test – After

“This product is portable, simple to use, doesn’t require any solvents and is very effective at removing dust off the sensor of my DSLR. I think it’ll be extremely useful in the field for quick clean-ups of sensors.”

Dan Streck

“Having used and been frustrated with many of the sensor cleaning products available, I am very pleased to have found Dust-Aid, it works — cleans thoroughly, leaves no residue, and is very easy to use.”

Simon Allenby

“I have tried some of the competing products using brushes and swabs but never with any great degree of success. My sensor was practically spotless after one use of Dust-Aid. Even those hard-to-reach corners were free of dust. I was very impressed. Dust-Aid had been part of my field kit ever since.”

“My work often takes me to remote locations where dust is all but unavoidable. In the past I tried a number of other products that proved useless in the field. Some required cans of compressed air, harmful chemicals, and always a clean working environment – all of which are impractical when hiking and backpacking. I resolved to cleaning my camera before leaving on a trip, knowing the sensor will soon be dirty again and that many of the images I come back with will require significant spot cleaning. That’s when I found Dust-Aid, which changed everything. I found Dust-Aid not only faster and easier to use than competing products, but also a tool that better fits my type of work as it can quickly and safely be applied in the field. I now come home from trips with images that require little to no cleaning. There is no need for additional materials, tools or a sterile environment. It just works!”

Guy Tal