How the Dust-Aid Sensor Cleaning Tools Came To Be

Howdy everybody! Thanks for taking the time to check out our sensor cleaning products which I believe will save you many hours of cloning time. We’ve all been there… image after image, cloning specks out of hundreds of shots. The point when I got fed up with it was on an assignment trip to the Bahamas’ and I couldn’t take the swab cleaning liquid with me due to airline safety regulations. I didn’t have time to order the sensor brush due to the closeness of my departure, plus the brush needed canned air to charge so that was a no go for airline travel too. On top of that was also the price of the brush, I just couldn’t lay down $100 bucks for a paint brush. During the trip my sensor developed a huge dust spot right in the middle of it. Every photo from the shoot had a big old black speck right dab in the middle of everything. I made my selects, which totaled about 125 images, and had to clone out the speck in every image before client review. Lets just say it was an all nighter cloning session that fueled my fire. But, out of a need comes a solution.

DUST-AID was created out of my need for a DSLR camera¬†cleaning solution that works, could pass airline regulations, would be easy and safe to use and lastly, not cost $100 or so bucks! Well, looking back, it sure would have been a heck of a lot cheaper to have just bought inferior products¬†after what I have spent on developing, testing and bringing to market DUST-AID! But, then again where would the fun have been in that? I enjoy looking at problems and seeing if there is a simple solution that works just as well. My shooting motto is “keep it simple, keep it slow and keep it shooting” and I try to use that approach in everything I do. I have enjoyed the DUST-AID adventure so far and hopefully, with your support, will have many years to enjoy this new adventure as a provider of effective sensor cleaning solutions that are safe and easy to use.

Thanks again and happy dust free shooting!
Ross Wordhouse