Here you’ll find questions answered about sensor cleaning and our sensor cleaner products.

Is DUST-AID Platinum and ULTRA CLEAN Liquid safe on sensor filter coatings?
Yes, they have been tested and approved for ITO and Dichroic sensor filter coatings.

What’s the difference between the platinum silicone and other cleaners that use silicone or polyethylene?
We are using a platinum curing process to form the silicone without the use of molds and mold release agents. This eliminates mold release agents from bonding and permanently contaminating the silicone.

What’s the difference between DUST-CLOTH and DUST-CLOTH MF?
DUST-CLOTH is a non woven fabric which is cost effective but known to leave fibers behind after use. DUST-CLOTH MF is an expensive micro fiber fabric that greatly reduces the chance of loose fiber generation when sensor cleaning.

What happens if I swipe more than the maximum number of four times with Ultra Clean and it evaporates from the Dust-Wand wrap?
If Ultra Clean evaporates from the Dust-Wand wrap and you continue to clean with the dry cloth then it may leave residue. If you have done this then simply remove the residue with a new saturated wrap, this time making sure not exceed four swipes and/or liquid evaporation.

Dust-Aid Platinum left residue on my sensor filter, why?
With just a touch of a finger, unclean surface or grazing an inner camera wall could contaminate the platinum silicone. Another possibility is that the platinum silicone was accidentally leaned or slid on the sensor filter. To remove the residue from both the sensor filter and platinum silicone use our Dust-Wand kit and Ultra Clean liquid.