Dust-Aid Platinum

This is the perfect solution for quick, static dust removal from any DSLR Camera sensor filter. It uses platinum cured silicone gel to grab dust and leaves no residue. It’s safe and easy to use. It’s perfect for cleaning dust bunnies from corners.

Dust-Wand Kit

For removing welded on dust and light oils, you can’t beat this cost effective solution for cleaning DSLR camera sensor filters. The swabs and liquid are safe to use on any sensor filter and offer a great savings when compared to other solutions.


Prevent dust from entering your Canon 5D series cameras with this optically clear shield. It seals off the mirror chamber from dust when you change lenses. It’s the perfect solution to stop dust in its tracks.

Welcome to the home of DSLR camera sensor filter cleaning!

We’ve all been hunting for a safe and easy sensor cleaner for our DSLR cameras that won’t break the bank and finally the search is over, welcome to the world of DUST-AID!

Know your sensor dust and how to clean it:
Dry sensor cleaning for static dust:
This is dust that is statically charged to your DSLR camera’s sensor filter. The simplest way to remove static dust is with DUST-AID Platinum, our dry DLSR camera sensor cleaning product.

Wet sensor cleaning for welded dust:
This is dust that has bonded to the sensor filter and needs persuasion to be removed. The Dust-Wand Kit does the trick for wet DSLR camera sensor cleaning.

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